Phil Montag, Co-Chairman Nebraska Democratic Party Fired after comments he made about House Majority Whip Steve Scalise

Appropriately, Phil Montag, Nebraska Democratic Party co-chairman was removed from his post after shocking recordings emerged, in which he said he was glad that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot and that he wished he had died!

These apalling comments came just more than a week after James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on the congressional baseball team practice in Virginia, resulting in the shooting of Scalise.  Phil Montag, in the recording which was posted on YouTube and other sites, criticized Scalise by saying “his whole job is to convince Republicans to (expletive) kick people off (expletive) health care.”

In his ranting, Montag went on to say “I’m glad he got shot…I wish he was (expletive) dead.”  Liberal media sources are reporting justifications made by Montag to the effect that his comments were taken out of context from the hour-long conversation, in which these statements were made.

However, that excuse simply doesn’t cut the mustard with Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb, who told a main stream media source that she learned about the recording Thurday after another media source sent her a link.  Kleeb’s immediate response gave a clear indication that Montag’s words were clear and not taken out of context.  Kleeb immediately sent Montag an email to let him know that he was being removed form his position.

In the Montag recording, filled with lewd and expletive language, Montag was speaking with another “bird of the same feather”, Nebraska Democratic Party Black Caucus Chair Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, who also made disrepectuful and cruel remarks about Scalise on Facebook.

Gentry-Tipton wrote in reference to the shooting: “Watching the congressman crying on live TV about the trauma they experienced.  Why is this so funny tho?”

Diamond and Silk in no way seeks to inflame or stoke the fires of the emergence of this heated political rhetoric which is becoming more prevelant in our country.  We only seek to inform our fellow Americans so that we all can pursue a peaceful, united path toward making this country great again.

This type of hateful rhetoric is both reprehensible and disappointing and must be condemned at every level within our political system!  Join in on the discussion and let’s all do our part to put and end to appointing any politcal representative that would go to the extent of spewing such hateful rehetoric that we clearly see among Democratic elected officials!