College Professor, Lisa Durden Fired After Fox News Interview for Defending Black Lives Matter

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Here we are in an era where we actually have a President who wants to truly look out for the most important and best interest of all Americans and we still have groups of individuals who are intent on keeping our country divided and in fear of progressive change!  It’s great news that college professor, Lisa Durden, of Essex County College in New Jersey was let go from her job for her heated hate-filled remarks on the June 6 show of Tucker Carlson while speaking about BLM event.

Durden, told the host of the show “you white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card”, when speaking about an event that was held by BLM group.  It’s this kind of rhetoric that keeps our country divided and no student should have as a professor, someone who actually promotes racism, within our college system.

After Durden’s lewd remarks, the college received an outcry of feedback from students, faculty and prospective students and their families expressing frustration, concern and even a level of fear the these views were expressed by a college employee.  Essex County College President, Anthony Munroe expressed the importance of maintaining a safe learning environment for students while concluding, “Racism cannot be fought with more racism.”

As Diamond and Silk has always expressed: “All Lives Matter!”  We are Americans before we consider any color, race, or creed that many people would rather use to identify their human existence.  It’s really sad that we still have to tolerate divisive and hate-filled influences that seek to rip away at the very fabric that seeks to make this country great again!

It’s no wonder that Durden was fired for her hateful rhetoric.  Responding to being let go from her position, Durden claimed that she had been “publicly lynched” by the school, adding “I thought it would be a safe place for me.  I thought when I came home from war, I would be safe.”  Using racial rhetoric on the level in which Durden chose to do opens the door to more division and creates a hindrance in the process of promoting effective change.  And it even gives people the mentality that we are actually at war with each other, as Durden implied.

Some feel that she should not have been fired for her racially heated rhetoric.  Diamond and Silk has spoken their two-cents, how do you feel?

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