Watters ‘Debates’ Protester From Violent ANTIFA Group

Jesse Watters had a quite busy weekend as he engaged an anti-fascism protester in a debate as the group is calling for violence against the “Trump adminstration”.   The anti-fascism group popularly known as ANTIFA said through Kevin from its Boston branch that its violent approach is in defense against aggression by racists and xenophobes that attack their peaceful protests.

On his Saturday show, Fox News host Jesse Watters as he debated a young ANTIFA member who recently wrote a letter calling on his fellow anti-Trump comrades to use violence to oust President Donald Trump from office.

Kevin in his open letter on the anarchist site urged liberals and progressives to violence to take down President Trump.

The letter claims that both the President Trump administration and the media have almost completely ignored the rise in violence, murder and arson attacks.

 “A lot of violence committed by the so called ANTIFA members are actually committed by these right-wingers who basically seek to make us look bad”, Kevin responded to Watters.

While Kevin was making those claims, Watters was playing clips of ANTIFA members attacking people at violence protests.

“We’re looking at the video right now and we don’t see a lot hand-to-hand combat, we just see a lot of your crew smashing windows and lighting things on fire,” Watters said. “How is that self-defense?”

When pressed on the issue, Kevin said all the violent actions ANTIFA members take is in response to “right-wing aggression.”
In response to the group’s claims, Watters asked if it was in self defense that a limousine was firebombed during the inauguration.   YES the representative answered.
“The owner of the limousine was a Muslim immigrant.  Were you aware of that?” 

“What about when an ANTIFA member stabbed a police horse in the neck with a knife, was the horse a racist Trump supporter?” Watters continued.  “Yes”, the protester said.
I didn’t know horses could vote, Watters said.

The protester explained further that since the horse is a tool which the police have been using in its increasing racist and xenophobic attacks under the Trump administration, it’s a perceived enemy of the group as well.
When asked what the group’s goal is, Kevin said it is to “smash the facists”.    He further explained that the “fascists” are “right-wingers who attack us.”  Unsurprisingly, Kevin said he voted for Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election, but was originally a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders.