Pittsburgh Mayor, Peduto Signs Executive Order, Defying President Trump

Joining a list of some 91 or more cities, Pittsburgh Democratic Mayor Bill Peduto, defied President Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the global climate commitment by signing an executive order on Friday to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement.

It’s a sad day in America when sitting mayors and officials elected to oversee cities in the U.S. turn their backs on the President of the United States.  Since President Trump has been in office, he has blazed a trail of amazing deeds for the good of the American people! This is down right mutiny!

Pittsburgh seeks to continue working toward 100 percent renewable clean energy consumption for municipal operations by 2030, which is an objective of the Paris agreement.  Puto blasted the President’s decision to abandon the Paris accord on Thursday stating, “it will set us back decades.”

Here is a common sense rationale: Would it not make sense for Mayor Peduto, along with the rest of these cities in line to defy President Trump, to just join hands and work on an agreement that benefits all Americans?  Not only is Mayor Peduto defying the President of the United States, he is also turning his backs on the people who chose Donald Trump as the 45th president of this country.  Also, if we are achieving the agendas of the Paris agreement on our own, without being a part of the Paris agreement, why should we foot the bill for the agreement and take job opportunities away from the American people at the same time?

We, as informed voters, must get serious about considering the true qualifications of the people that we put in offices to represent our lively-hood.  President Trump has truly pulled the proverbial wool from our eyes about dirty politics and how this country suffers when politicians are more interested in their own selfish agendas than that of the people whom they are supposed to be representing.

Mayor Peduto highlighted that President Trump doesn’t represent the vast majority of voters in Pittsburg, citing the 77 percent of voters who chose Hillary Clinton. Well, what about the other 23 percent?  Does their life not matter?  

It’s becoming more common place for our elected officials to blatantly disregard the fact that the majority of U.S. voters voted for Donald Trump as the president of the United States.  It’s time to go to voteyoassout.com and get down to the business of cleaning up the swamp the old fashion way by becoming informed about our political officials who disregard our voice and voting them out!