President Trump Retweets Diamond and Silk and The Left has a Crying Fit.

Diamond and Silk, staunch supporters of President Donald Trump were retweeted by the President on Sunday.  Diamond and Silk’s retweet came in the face of demanding biased journalist to stop reporting fake, nonfactual and unsubstantiated stories from anonymous sources.

"As we look at and listen to the mainstream media (MSM) we have found that people try and make the lie believable by dressing up the story with sound bites and negative content.  They purposely manufacture stories by playing old videos while speaking about the context of the content as if its current.  Then some of the same pundits make their rounds to the different networks and repeat their same bias opinion." 

"Enough is enough!", says Diamond and Silk.  Some networks within the MSM has allowed people to get on their show and disrespect the President of the United States by calling him derogatory names, by making assumptions from allegations without accurate information and by spinning a story to fit their narrative without evidence to support their claim; yet when the President defends his position in a tweet now the MSM says "It's not Presidential, he should stop tweeting."    If it wasn't for the President tweets, we wouldn't know the truth about the Witch Hunt, the Leaks and so much more.  The mainstream media's goal is to control the narrative with what they want you to believe.  Unfortunately for them, they didn't bet on President Trump being smart enough to deflect each and every false story with Retweets and 140 characters.

The tweet that was retweeted by President Trump read “The Media Says: The President Should Stop Tweeting about Russia.  Well, Why Don’t the Media Take Their Own Advice & Stop Talking About It?”  It should come as no surprise that Diamond and Silk are true supporters of President Donald Trump, as can be seen by their very informative YouTube channel. 

If you don’t know these Ladies, you are missing out on the true definition of American Patriotism with a taste of raw passion!   Liberal media pundits do well to keep their distance from these Ladies!  They are both witty and very passionate with a common sense approach to politics.  As they like to say it "We're just two Powerful Smart Chics, down with Politics." 

Join Diamond and Silk on the Trump Train as they push for President Trump’s 2020 reelection!