Speeding Car hits Pedestrians in New York City’s Time Square

It was reported that at least 22 people were injured and one woman was killed.   Police told media on the scene that a terrorism link is not suspected.  The driver was being tested for alcohol according to Fox News sources.  This was a very busy time of the day and statistics show that at least 300,000 or more people pass through time square every day.

Fox News confirmed that a NYPD source confirmed that an unnamed individual had been taken into custody in the incident.  Pictures of the red sedan showed it overturned, and resting on steel barricades designed to protect pedestrians and block traffic.  In photos the vehicle was severely damaged.

Again, the NYPD confirmed that the incident does not appear to be terror related.  More will come after all the facts are in.

Update: Reports just in identifies the driver as Richard Rojas, a 26 year old Male driver. NYPD officials said that 23 pedestrians were struck. Four of the pedestrians were had critical injuries and were taken to the hospital. No names of the pedestrians were revealed. Rojas was said to have had 2 previous arrests for Driving While Impaired.

The mayor stated that the incident was not terror related.

5/19/2017: Update

According to police on the scene Rojas stated that he had smoked something and that the world was coming to and end.  The last count of those who were injured was 22 with one person killed.

While there are reports that Rojas is a Navy veteran, it should be noted most importantly that his actions claimed the life of Alyssa Elsman, an 18 year old tourist from Michigan.  Elsman's school principal Eric Alburtus, said in a statement, "She would make the most wonderful muffins, and the students would sell them before school to help raise money for programs."  Alburtus also decribed Elsman as a smart and engaging student.