Mark Warner: Pockets Full of Russian Money while Promoting Anti-Trump Democratic Conspiracy Theories of Russian Involvement in the Trump Presidency

How is it that the chief instigator of the President Trump-Russia conspiracy, Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner, can actually have such an extensive paper trail showing millions of dollars that he made from Russian tech company Yandex in 2012 according to the Christian Science Monitor?

Mark Warner currently serves as the vice chair of both the Senate Democratic Caucus, per appointment by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Senate Intelligence Committee.  This same Virginia Democratic Senator is blocking the White House from appointing a Treasury Department official to oversee financial crimes that's been committed by terrorist.  “I smell a swamp rat!”

Allegedly as one of the richest members of the Senate, worth over $80 million; Warner made more than $6 million from Russian tech company Yandex in 2012 representing close to 10% of his entire net worth of $80 million dollars; and this is the person leading the push for the investigation of the President of the United States’ involvement with Russia?

 While reporters all around the world are gearing up their pitchforks in this witch hunt, the very source crying Wolfe is actually the guilty party here.  Mark Warner should be investigated for his own involvement with the Russian government and immediately removed as the Senate Intelligence Committee head!  The Swamp just continues to get even more disgusting with each new attack against the President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

So, what will be the next “Rabbit” that the Democrats will pull out of their hat?  Let’s see if our good old friends in the liberal media report the facts about Senator Warner and his involvement with Russia.  Noteworthy of mentioning; Senator Mark Warner even refuses to do his job by not allowing the appointment of the Treasury Department anti-terror nominee, Sigal Mandelker to proceed.  It’s time pluck this one from swamp!!

By Diamond and Silk ~Published