Judges that have a Problem Protecting Americans Need to Step Down!

A federal Judge in Hawaii put a halt on President Trump's new executive order, which places a Temporary Pause on immigration from specific countries where the U.S. cannot properly vet these people.

 People that comes from ISIS infested countries, have no tracking documents such as a social security number and no systems in place to do background checks on any of their citizens thus making it hard for the U.S. to do background checks to make sure these people haven't committed crimes or are Anti American

That’s still not enough......

According to John Cardillo, Owner of Chatter Media stated; “A back ground check only tells us what someone has done in the past, it doesn’t predict what someone will do in the future.”

Until we can properly vet people coming into this country, a temporary pause is necessary.  We do this not to keep people out, but to keep the people on the inside safe.  Without implementing this measure a terrorist attack becomes our problem waiting to happen.

Diamond and Silk’s Opinion

Judges Should Enforce the Law, Not Legislate From the Bench

It’s time for these judges to stop playing politics while risking the lives of the American People.   Protect us as Americans or Step Down!  Stop tying the hands of President Trump.  His mission is to keep the American people safe from harm and danger.  Nothing was said when President Obama or President Clinton implemented a temporary pause so why block President Trump from doing the same thing.  American Lives Matter Too!

By Diamond and Silk ~Published

Diamond and Silk cut straight through the BS. Snoop Doggy Dog and Lil Bow Wow get their assets handed to them. The Hawaii Judge interfering with the American people security is not working for the best interest of the American people. Jobs Jobs Jobs.