What... Is Susan Rice Hiding? There’s More to This Story

The deputy assistant to the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump,  Dr. Sebastian Gorka, said on last Wednesday that the unmasking of Trump associates caught up in surveillance operations was ‘’what you expect in a banana republic and a police state, or an authoritarian state.’’

Speaking to Fox News, Mr. Gorka, said the claims by former national security adviser Susan Elizabeth Rice about her involvement in the unmasking saga were ‘’falling apart.’’ He went on to say that the immediate past American government attempted to deploy the unmasked intelligence reports as a tool against Donald Trump’s presidency.

Gorka said, ‘’ If you compare what (Rice) said two weeks ago, if you compare just the difference in her statements, there’s clearly something that is not being openly discussed or disclosed here.’’ He went on to further added, ‘'It's not just smoke, there are flames behind the smoke.''

 Dr. Sebastian Gorka also condemned, the constant criticism on social media of the current administration by members of the Obama administration, saying that they had actually ‘’unmasked themselves.’’ Dr. Sebastian Gorka, an American military and intelligence analyst and a member of the national security advisory staff; called out Georgetown University associate professor and former deputy assistant to Barack Obama, Colin Kahl for urging a purge of some of the members of President Donald Trump’s administration, Meaning to get rid of people you politically disagree with, perhaps even in violent ways.’’ Gorka said

Susan E. Rice, the 24th National Security Advisor, made a request to reveal the names of President Donald J. Trump’s officials caught up in surveillance. The unmasked names of persons associated with the current U.S. President – mainly top officials, were forwarded to all those at the National Security Council, some at the defense department, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former Director of CIA John Brennan.

Diamond and Silk Opinion

Shame on the Media for trying to justified the action of Susan Rice.  Had President Bush National Security Advisor had Obama and his team unmasked while he was a presidential candidate all hell would have broken loose---- We would still be hearing about it today.  A private U.S. citizen can only be unmasked if the American is a suspect in a crime or is in danger or has to be named to explain the context of the report, none of the three occurred with President Trump and his team so our questions to Susan Rice is WHY WAS THE PRESIDENT AND HIS TEAM UNMASKED?   She should be brought before congress to explain herself!

By Diamond and Silk ~Published