Workforce Development Program Led By Ivanka Trump

The daughter of President Donald Trump, is back in the spotlight.  Ivanka Trump is set to lead the "workforce development week” scheduled to commence on Tuesday.

 Ivanka is expected to join her father in several events between Tuesday and Thursday of this week, aimed at outlining the Trump administration’s plans for vocational training and apprenticeships.  Next week’s events will also provide an avenue for the Trump-led government to announce new administrative actions aimed at expanding current apprenticeship programs and re-organizing existing federal job training programs.

A top government official revealed that President Donald Trump is seeking to make several amendments to current workforce development programs as well as making sure that money spent for this purpose yield results.  According to records, there are 43 job training programs across 13 different government agencies in the United States and a combined $16.7 billion is spent by the government in funding these programs.

In a press briefing over the weekend, Ivanka Trump told reporters, "The reality is that there are still Americans seeking employment despite low unemployment rates, and companies are struggling to fill vacancies for positions that require varied levels of skills and training.  So the Trump administration is committed to working very closely to close the skills gap."

Ivanka Trump revealed that next week’s program is a move by the president to fulfill one of the promises he made during his campaign, adding that she has come across several college graduates who are finding it hard to get a job and a couple of business owners who struggling to employ workers with adequate skills.  Ivanka also pointed to her recent trip to Berlin for the W20 summit as one of the factors that informed the administration's thinking on expanding apprenticeship programs. 

Ivanka along with her father and Labor secretary Alexander Acosta will travel to Waukesha County Technical College in Wisconsin on Tuesday.  The trio will be joined by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as the group tours several of the school's training classrooms and participates in a round table discussion with local business owners.