President Donald Trump Honors Law Enforcement Officials Who Have Fallen in the Line of Duty

To all the families out there who have experienced the loss of a loved one in the line of duty, Diamond and Silk sends you our warmest condolences.  We are truly grateful for the self-sacrificial services that our Law Enforcement Officials provide for our safety every day. 

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania also values and appreciates our law enforcement officials who have perished in the line of duty.  The White House will be illuminated with a thin blue line to represent law officials whose brave sacrifices protect and serve us every day.  President Trump has pledged May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day.  In addition, President Trump encouraged Governors to fly their flags at half-staff to remember the fallen law officials.

Horrific statistics show that 118 officers were killed in the line of duty in the United States just last year.  These numbers includes over 60 malicious attacks.  President Trump conducted personal meetings in the White House with officials who suffered the loss of police officials. 

In his speech for Peace Officers Memorial Day President Trump said “America stands strong with our brave men and women in blue.  Every drop of blood spilled from our heroes in is a wound inflicted upon the whole country.”  What an awesome example our President is setting for the people who put their life on the line for our safety. 

The next time you see an officer, make sure you thank him or her for their service to your community.  It was truly appalling to see displays of public disregard for our law officials during the 2016 Presidential campaign.  Sadly, liberal media stood behind the scenes fanning the flames of disrespect for our law officials in some of those cases.  In the media we’ve seen some good officers who were savagely attacked and killed, leaving families and fellow officers mourning their loss.  Let us remember them with appreciation for their contributions to the communities they served.

 President Trumps proclamation will finally give recognition to those who put their life on the line to protect the American citizens.  The Obama administration demonstrated a lack ofsupport to our fellow officers and police departments around the country.  President Donald Trump is here to set the record straight with support and resources for our fellow officers.

Again, to all our fellow officers, Diamond and Silk appreciates your service to our great country.