Omaha Democrat Defeated in Mayor’s Race Following the Democratic Unity Tour at the Helm of Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders

Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah…..Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah; Haay, Haaay, Haaaaay, Republican Time!!  Another Democrat bites the dust.  Happy camping Heath Mello. Can you say: “Defeated by his own party’s meddling?” That’s exactly what happened in the mayor’s race between Omaha Republican Mayor Jean Stothert and Democrat Heath Mello.  Stothert managed to squeeze out a victory with Mello less than three points behind him.  Stothert can thank the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) for his victory.   

NARAL released a crippling statement about the Democratic Party’s acceptance of Mello being “politically stupid” because of Mello’s record showing a lack of support for their cause during is tenure as a state legislator.  This further lends proof to the Democrat’s deceptive pay to play tactics.  “The Dems will eat their own in the name of favoritism!”

While local Democrats reacted with bitterness over Mello’s defeat, it was obvious that his campaign was declared a disaster after the Democratic Unity Tour sponsored by DNC Chairman Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders.  Perez flip-flopped and supported the abortion lobby a day later to the point of declaring that under his leadership “the DNC will back only candidates who support the right to abortion.”  This is a classic case of the Dems saying what you want to hear for a vote while lying in bed with big donors.

After this fiasco, Mello’s mayor run was over as the Democratic Party stood divided on pro-life.  Consider this a first round knock-out of the Democrats’ Unity Tour along with their divisive abortion litmus test.  We have no complaints on this side; it’s good to see the swamp animals feed on each other every so often!  This makes it oh so easy to clean up that DC Swamp.