Jared Kushner Becomes the Next Liberal Media Target

We have people who are literally breaking the law before our very eyes!  In what seems like the blink of an eye, Jared Kushner has become the media’s biggest target.  How long will left-wing media pundits continue on this trail of allegations?  In every case, we have unidentified sources, classified information, unnamed sources, and leaks as the grounds for fake news reports.

The liberal media has taken the term “backdoor channel” and used it to make a derogatory statement in their story about Kushner.  However, backdoor channels have been going on as long as there’s been a U.S. presidency.   President Kennedy used his own secret back channel with Moscow to keep the superpowers from going to war.  Liberal media pundits do well to consider that President Obama set up a back channel to communicate with Iran in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Michael Ledeen, a former consultant to the National Security Council and U.S. Defense Department, stated that Obama opened a back channel to Iran during the 2008 presidential campaign in a column he penned at PJ Media.  Ledeen said the back channel went through Ambassador William G. Miller who confirmed the back channel involvement to him.


Just last week we were in the middle of a useless hearing that revealed that there was no evidence that President Trump’s election campaign colluded with the Russians.  Now here we are again!  Also noteworthy of mentioning, we have a group of former elected officials and appointees from the Obama administration who more than happy to sit on the panel of liberal media outlets to issue their carefully worded opinions.

President Donald Trump is moving forward with the very agendas that he, so passionately spoke about during his campaign for the presidency.  Yet, the Dems along with their mouth-piece, the left-wing media are hell bent on continuing this charade of fake reporting.

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, said he thinks Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and top White House adviser, is doing a “great job” for the United States.  Trump continued, “I have total confidence in him.  He is respected by virtually everyone and is working on programs that will save our country billions of dollars, in addition to that, and perhaps more importantly, he is a very good person.”


President Trump’s comments follow the recent reports about Kushner being under FBI scrutiny as part of a probe into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Left-wing media continues to make allegations that Kushner may possess substantial information relevant to the investigation.

On Monday, Fox News mentioned a source that reported it was the Russians, not Kushner who wanted to set up the communication line.  However, this same source also stated to Fox News, “Kushner is eager to talk to Congress about the meeting and any others of interest.” 

Why didn’t we hear about Hillary Clinton receiving 2 million dollars from the Russians?  And why wasn’t she investigated?

Liberal media pundits must be put on notice!  False allegations and fake reporting threatens the safety of this country.  President Trump is making tremendous and historical progress.   We must acknowledge the importance of doing our part by supporting the President’s agendas.

Diamond and Silk's Opinion:

If Donald Trump was colluding with Russia during his campaign and if he had all of these contacts and connections with Russia during his campaign then why would he, Donald Trump, need to have someone else do a "Back Channel" to the Russians in secret, after the election, if he already had collusion with them during the election?  Media, get your lies straight because this is all twisted.