Comey Memo another Left Wing Media Negative Spin

Like flies hoovering above a pile of you know what, left wing media analysts are busy spinning their wheels for yet another negative obstruction of President Trump’s administration.  Now they are screaming about impeachment because of a memo that Comey wrote saying that President Trump urged him to drop the Flynn investigation.  The well opinionated conspiracy theory about the firing of Comey being associated with President Trump being involved in obstructing justice in an FBI investigation is the talking points being used by liberal media.

Guess what?  There is no evidence that President Trump interfered in the Flynn investigation.  None of the left-wing liberal media outlets have seen the memo.  Yet, reports are spewing all over the internet and TV news outlets.  Allegations, Accusations and Speculations without Accurate Information are being reported as if there are factual foundations.  We, the American people are under attack by our own elected official who are seeking to undermine and obstruct the President of the United States of America!

Surprisingly, Comey made no comments since he was fired last week and now the liberal media is describing this unseen memo as a “bomb shell” against President Trump’s administration.  The memo is allegedly a paper trail of notes that Comey wrote about President Trump and the alleged ties to Russia.  This information is said to have come from a source close to Comey and a former federal law enforcement official.

The witch hunt has officially become an all-out mob hit!  Remember, whenever the Dems are pointing the finger, it’s normally because they are guilty themselves.  Instead of making all these unfounded accusations to obstruct our President’s progress, it’s time for our elected officials to get on board with the work of making this country great again!

The selfish political agendas of the few should never stop the progress that President Trump is proposing for all of us.  President Donald Trump stated in his Coast Guard Commencement speech in New London, CT “I was elected not as the President of the media, but the President for the people.”  Let’s keep that in mind and reject these negative spins by the liberal media and the Dems as they do everything in their power to divide this country and obstruct the growth that these United States are long overdue for.  Comey get out of the way of progress.