Governor Brown Proposes Millions of Taxpayers Money to Fund Criminal Defense for Illegals in California

Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown’s, who called California tax payers "free loaders" have set a new budget which includes 10s of millions of dollars to help protect illegals from being deported.  Tax payers footing the legal bills for people in California illegally. 

The left has done everything imaginable to obstruct President Donald Trump’s agenda ever since he took office.  This is a clear case of the left caring more about their political schemes than making our country safe again.  Governor Brown’s inclusion of funding for the defense of illegal immigrants puts the lives of U.S. citizens at risk.  Many of the illegals that Governor Brown is preparing to set aside deportation defense funds for are dangerous criminals, and there presence in the country leaves them free to prey upon those most vulnerable in our society.

For every step of progress President Trump makes toward making our country safer, liberals want to stop him from doing any more good.  In addition to proposing to give taxpayer money to illegal immigrants, Brown is also proposing to give additional money to the state’s AG, Xavier Becerra, to help fight against the Trump administration.  Brown is proposing money to fund 19 attorneys and 12 additional staff members.

The left is set on making our country less safe!  California taxpayers must stand up to their far-left government and demand that their tax dollars are not wasted on frivolous lawsuits.  The whole country should be put on notice by the careless behavior of the left because these are elected officials who were put in office by votes from people that they should be fighting for!

Further the left are demonstrating ill regard for President Trump’s administration, California hired former AG Eric Holder to push back against Trump.  Sources report that his law firm is allegedly being paid $25,000 a month to help obstruct everything that the President of the United States tries to do.

President Trump to do so much good for this country that the Dems will never have a chance to win office again.  From leaks in the White House to holes in the border, President Trump has his hands full.  Let’s do our part and inform voters to get these swamp creatures out of office now!