Van Jones Gets Hammered By His Own....The Left

Activist and public commentator Van Jones has received massive criticism for suggesting that former President Barack Obama should do a “Poverty tour” as a way of reducing the noise surrounding his proposed $400,000 paid speech at a Wall Street firm’s healthcare conference.

Jones who is a former aide of President Barack Obama said on an edition of CNN's "State of the Union" that it is not abnormal for Obama to earn money after vacating office.  He further stated that Barack Obama "should not be the first president to have to be broke."

Van Jones suggested Barack Obama "do a tour, go to Appalachia, go to native American reservations where they are shoving these pipelines down their throats and they don't even have clean water, go to South Central, go to the Arizona border, where you have a lot of poverty."

Barack Obama was worth more than $12 million when he left office earlier in the year.  Van Jones also stated "If [Obama] would do a poverty tour first, from a moral point of view, it would be great for him to do,"

Jones was quick to point out that another standard should not be set for Obama since he isn’t the first former American leader to give such paid speeches.

In his words, "Every other president went out there and gave big speeches — don’t hold them to a second standard, don’t give a double standard to him,"

“If I [had] the opportunity that he has, I would do a big poverty tour for six months.  Everywhere I go, it’s poverty, addiction and high death rates.  From West Virginia to South Central.”

"If he were to do that, then go ahead, do a big speech later”

However, Jones has come under severe criticism by many people who feel his comments are as if he’s not loyal to the former President