Upon assuming office as the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald J. Trump has been on a mission to fulfill his pre-election campaign promises. In the days leading to the election which took him to the White House, Trump swore to fulfill ‘every dream you dreamed’, after becoming president. Of a truth, Mr. President is on the right path. One such promise is to give American workers a level playing field.

President Trump made the campaign promise to create at least 25 million jobs, bring back manufacturing jobs from Japan, China and all other places, motivate and inspire manufacturers to grow factories in the U.S. and to ensure employers recruit from the unemployment office. All in all, the American workers will have a President ready to fight for his or her cause and protect their interest. Therefore, it is safe to say President Trump is well on track.

The President and his team laid down the marker by cautioning companies and other employers of labor not to overlook qualified American workers for jobs stating in clear terms that it would investigate and prosecute culprits of such act.

This declaration is intended to put American workers at an advantageous position and to give them an edge in whatever industry they belong to. In fact, Trump in a message said that he will direct the Department of Labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the American worker. 

President Trump is all about protecting and safeguarding the interests of the American worker. The Program rules actually state that employers of labor can only hire guest-workers in cases where U.S. workers are not available. However, many employers have found ways to break this rule. This is what President Trump is keen on stopping by restoring sanity to the American labor system.

In the energy industry, President Trump is also revitalizing the sector through his energy agenda, which will bring about a better life for workers and simultaneously benefit the environment.

President Trump held a town hall meeting with about 50 business leaders at the White House. The meeting which had in attendance chief executives of JetBlue Airways Corp., Citigroup Inc., Blackstone Group LP, MasterCard and the New York Stock Exchange centered around improving the American Business climate, workforce development, and discussions on infrastructure.


Diamond and Silk Opinion

Cheers to President Trump!  Despite the left wing media bias reporting he’s doing a great Job.  He is vowing to keep his campaign promise to create Jobs.   The American people wanted a Job Creator and we finally got one!


By Diamond and Silk ~Published

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