Fox News Judge Napolitano Was Benched for his Wiretapping Remarks

Sources are saying that Judge Napolitano has been taken off the air indefinitely, saying he was benched and won’t be appearing on the air; no time soon.

According to, Judge Andrew Napolitano, a commentator, told the panel on Fox and Friends, “There‘s a shadow government and an effort to control and frustrate the president. 

Sources say that Judge Napolitano was benched for making claims about the British wire-tapping Trump Tower under the orders of Obama.  After Comey testified before the house intelligence committee and said that he couldn’t find proof.  Later that evening news broke that the Judge had been removed from the Fox line up and his show canceled.

Now we don't know what's going on but you better believe we will keep our eyes and ears open and stay on top of this story

By Diamond and Silk ~Published

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