President Trump, during a visit to a military hospital, awarded a Purple Heart to an Army sergeant that was wounded in Afghanistan. The Purple Heart is an award issued to service members who are either killed or wounded in action.

The award to Alvaro Barrientos is the first of many of such awards that the President will be awarding during his tenure as the Commander in chief of the American military. Barrientos was wounded on March 17 while in action in Afgahanistan. He incurred serious wounds when an Afghan soldier opened fire at a base in Helmand province.

During a brief meeting at the medical center, President Trump said, “When I heard about this… I wanted to do it myself”. “Congratulations on behalf of Melania and myself and the entire nation. Tremendous”, the President added.

The visit to the medical center in Bethesda was the President’s first visit to the military hospital since assuming office earlier in the year.

Barrientos was accompanied by his wife, Tammy and brought on a wheelchair. His right leg below the knee has been cut-off. The President pinned the medal on Barrientos’ left shirt collar before shaking his hand.

Trump also met with other service members receiving medical attention at the medical center. He had earlier announced the visit in a tweet before leaving the White House. “Looking forward to seeing our bravest and greatest Americans!”.

President Trump’s decision to allow cameras and newsmen into the ceremony is in stark contrast with former President Barack Obama’s custom of awarding Purple Heart Medals behind closed doors.

By Diamond and Silk ~Published