Easter Day Slaughter…..Senseless

Cleveland Police say Steve Stephens murdered a 74 year old elderly man and broadcast it live on Facebook.    The 74 year old named, Robert Godwin Sr, was shot in the head while minding his own business.   Steven claims the love of his life did not want him anymore, so he retaliated by killing random people.

He posted another Facebook live stating “I’m about to keep killing until they catch me.”  He also claimed to have committed 13 other murders, but the police do not have evidence.

People were so outraged by the senseless killing, they took to Facebook and Twitter to spew their disgust


We hope that the Police hunt this man down and when they find him, don’t waste tax payer’s dollars.  This man committed a cowardly act towards a defenseless man that was minding his own business. 


Please be on the lookout for this man, he is armed and dangerous.

Where are the Black Leaders?

Every time things of this nature take place with a black man killing black people, the black leaders goes silent, not a word from any of them.


I wish someone would call Jessie Jackson and let him know he is needed in Ohio, not United Airlines.

I heard Maxine Waters was protesting in the Street about the President Tax Return, now we will give her real work to do.  How about protesting against black on black violence that’s happening right now in Ohio.