Police Officers Lives Matter Too



This Open season of cop killings has set a tone in our country that has bolstered up anxiety and concern for the American people.  Have the United States turned into a third world country where there is no regards and respect for our first responder particularly our Police Officers.    The Majority of Americans don’t agree with the racist tone that has been set by individuals that have no regards to their lives or for the lives of others.

America is thought of as one of the greatest countries on earth, yet Americans are deeply divided and have been thrown into a conversation about race that is filled with presentiment and uneasiness.  The atmosphere and tonality have been set so high that people now feel that it is ok to have no reverence for our police Officers and no respect that they are the one that carries the badge.  It amazes me how People are being rewarded for exhibiting bad behavior while creating a bigger problem in our country thus putting this country at the brink of a collapse system and a breakdown in communication. 

Our police officers of all colors are our first line of defense, especially if you don’t own a gun to protect yourself.   We must understand that police officers are here to protect, serve, enforce the laws and create order.  The enemy is not the police or the police department, the enemy that we the American people have allowed to creep into our country is this vile and vicious force that takes precedent to keep us divided instead of uniting us.   

Do we have a justice system that needs to be changed?  Absolutely, with every organization and department there is always going to be bad apples in the bunch; however the mindsets of individuals that have another agenda other than uniting our country need to be changed to.   The way individuals look at our law enforcement and deemed them anything other than good people, that puts their life in danger  just to protect the lives of individuals that calls them names, spew rhetoric and in spite of it all, those same individuals, if they need help, a police officer is right there to protect and serve.

It’s time to come to the intelligent table and let's have a clear conversation about how do we create solutions to the problems instead of conjuring up an argument to fight the problem.  All police officers shouldn’t be painted with one broad brush and although we look at the police department as a whole we should look at Police officers as individuals who are doing the right thing because at the end of the day, they want to go home to their families too.  


Diamond and Silk

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