Reflection on 911: We Dare not to Forget

The sovereignty that represents our nation was ripped the day of September 11, 2001 and although fourteen years later people have tried to heal, the scar still remains as a reminder of the unforeseen destruction, tragedy and loss.    We the United States had no idea that because of our compassion for humanity and due to our sometimes gullible nature, we trained on our soil the very people known as the terrorist to fly planes that would lead to the obliteration of our twin towers, the ruination of the Pentagon and crash a plane in Shanksville Pennsylvania were so many lives was taken and the heart of our country was forever changed.   


Though it was difficult to understand the inconceivable and despicable acts that was bestowed upon our country done by Terrorist that hate Americans and wanted to destroy the things that symbolize America, we as American people united, we became one and we stood by each other through the brunt and the stench of all of the horrific scenes and images that played out on national television day in and day out.   Some kind of way we as a nation understood that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes early in the morning and that gave us the hope we needed through our time of despair.


So fourteen years later, I ask, are we leading by example or are we being misled into going down the same pathway again.  The vulnerability of our country is like putting money on the kitchen table and leaving the kitchen window open so that whoever looks in and can see the money, it’s theirs for the taking.  The United States still allow people in this country that mean us no good and with the crisis going on in places like Syria and Iraq, the United states always feel the need to protect others instead of protecting its own.  The United States wants to take in refugees from other countries to escape from their own terror without realizing that if some of these same people are not properly vetted, new terrorist may slip in and start to terrorize Americans in this country.


Oh, how we should never forget that there were 2,996 Americans died that day, people like regular Americans doing what they normally would be doing, going to work to do their jobs, our police officers and firefighters risking their lives to save the lives of Americans in the twin towers, at the pentagon and in Pennsylvania.    The lives that were stolen from us are lives that we will never get back, so we take this time to pause and reflect on how these stolen lives still touches the nation, the world and these lives will forever remain in our hearts.  In unity we unite in the division, we divide…… Today, let’s unite and give honor and respect to the lives of those that was taken from us too soon.


Diamond and Silk

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