TABLE TALK 44: Crooked Hill Health Scare And Alleged Body Double

You can't fool Diamond and Silk. The ladies have an outright discussion about Hills fainting spells, her alleged body double and her deplorable comments against Donald Trump supporters. See who got BUSTED. Basket Of Deplorable T-Shirts: Like us on Facebook Diamond and Silk Follow us on Twitter @DiamondandSilk

Diamond and Silk FB Live Discussing Clinton Cash

These ladies are about educating all Americans. The Clinton's have been scheming, beaming and ripping the American people off for years. The ladies have to talk about it because they can't let a Crook that cook the Books off the Hook. Facebook: Twitter:

Diamond and Silks Rebuttal to Hillary Speech. "She Is Not Our Slave Master"

Diamond and Silk refuse to let Crooked Hillary think it's o.k. to bully black people into voting for her. The ladies have a direct, plain and precise message to the race baiting speech. Click play to listen. Facebook: Twitter: