Bow Wow Is In the Dog House For Threatening First Lady (Melania) on Twitter He Better Be Careful Before He End Up in the Jail House

Look like Shad Moss AKA (Bow Wow) may have written a check that his A$$ won’t be able to cash.  The Rap Artist has come under fire for tweeting a message to the president threatening his wife; First lady, Melania Trump.

Bow Wow went on a twitter attack, taking up for his uncle Snoop Dogg, who was shown in a new video pointing a gun at the head of a Mock President Trump.  

Looks like Republicans and Democrats took to twitter condemning the Rapper’s comment.  Some are even vowing to Boycott some of his endorsements.   Since coming under fire, Bow Wow has since deleted his tweet

 Diamond and Silk's Opinion

If Bow Wow doesn’t have respect for himself, at least have respect for the First Lady of the United States!

We don’t know what he’s thinking or what he’s been drinking.  What we do know is, anything Shad Moss AKA ‘Bow Wow” is selling, we won’t be buyingWe hope he realizes he just became the creator of his own demise!

By Diamond and Silk ~Published

Diamond and Silk cut straight through the BS. Snoop Doggy Dog and Lil Bow Wow get their assets handed to them. The Hawaii Judge interfering with the American people security is not working for the best interest of the American people. Jobs Jobs Jobs.