Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, Making Claims to have Trump Tax Returns

We know it’s getting hard out here for a lot of these left wing journalists.  You know, the ones that uses their platform to disrespect and bash our president, Donald J Trump.  We can smell desperation in the air, like buzzards on road kill.  Rachel Maddow Tweeted out:  We’ve Got Trump Tax Returns.

Now, this could be just a ploy to get people to tune-in to her show for ratings or maybe she just thisty for attention.  If she do have his personal information then how did she obtain it?  If she didn't obtain them directly from him she would be just as guilty as the person that leaked his personal information to her.  (Guilty as Hell) Allegedly.

However, according to the WH: Trump earned more than $150 Million in 2005 and paid $38 Million in income Tax in 2005

(Diamond and Silk’s Opinion)

He's Still Rich!  Now we know he pays a hell of a lot of Taxes....Now What?

By Diamond and Silk Published