Bharara Didn't Understand What Resign meant, So He Was Handed His Walking Papers, “YOU’RE FIRED"

Preet Bharara was asked to resign by AG Jeff Sessions and he refused, therefore the President had no other choice but to fire him.  The Manhattan Federal Prosecutor tweeted out: “I did not resign.  Moments ago I was fired” as if it was a badge of honor to defy the administration and disobey a direct order to resign.

Sources say that Bharara could be using this defiance to make a political play in the future.  If this is true, his plot has failed.  Making him look reprehensible and discreditable.  Bharara also made claims that he met with Jeff Sessions and Mr. Trump, at Trump Tower in 2016, and was asked to stay on as U.S. attorney but that statement was never confirmed by the Trump transition team.

News began circulating that Bharara was opposed to resigning and refused to accept the realization that he was being asked to step down.   He continuously ignored AG Jeff Sessions request for his resignation.   Sources say, Bharara was told that if he didn’t resign, he would be fired.  Some media outlets begin reporting that Bharara was fired by the President

After Bharara made his termination public through a tweet, New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, issued a statement and tweeted out his disdain on how the president was running his administration

In the Opinion of Diamond and Silk, President Trump has every right to ask all of Obama operatives to resign and if one doesn’t understand what the word resign means, then President Trump must make them understand that their services are no longer needed, “You’re Fired”

Officials must understand that this is the Trump administration and under his administration it’s about his agenda.  If the administration feels that someone is not the right fit or that they're not going along with the agenda, then the President has no other choice but to Drain The Swamp. 

Had Baharara resigned without throwing a tantrum, this would not have been a news story.  The one thing he must understand is the meaning of the word Resign.  That means pack up your office and go.  When the AG tell you to resign, it's not open for debate.  It means Resign or else you will be “FIRED!