Donald Trump unveils his tax plan and it includes all Americans

Donald Trump Tax Reform Plan

Donald Trump is the man with the master plan and he is the only one that seems to have a clear vision for this country.  Some intellectuals and media pundits have cherry pick his tax reform plan with a fine tooth comb just to find something to talk about.   Little do they know that we the American people do understand that if a man like Donald Trump can build a 10 billion dollar empire from the ground up, then he can build a great economy.    Donald Trump tax reform plan has been released and without a doubt, it’s a plan that works for all Americans and although his plan has come under scrutiny by the media, his plan is laid out so well that the average American can understand it.  Donald Trump wants tax relief for all middle class Americans and he wants to simplify the tax code.   Americans making less than 25,000 won’t have to pay federal tax and he wants to grow the economy.  With this tax plan everyone wins.



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