Presidential Frontrunner Donald Trump is a true Shot Caller

Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is not backing down from any entity when it comes to the American people.   Apparently CNBC wanted to change the rules in the middle of the game and Donald Trump didn’t have a problem calling them out.

 It appeared that CNBC wanted to change to make the two hour debate a three hour debate just to sell more advertising spots.  Donald Trump says this is not fair to the viewers who would be bored, it’s too much!

Donald Trump campaign initially agreed to a two hour debate but because of greed, CNBC insists on adding an extra hour.  The presidential Frontrunner threatened to boycott the debate if the rules were not changed back to what was originally agreed upon.

 Well, it looks like CNBC caved in and Donald Trump got exactly what he wanted, a two hour debate.  He tweeted out: @CNBC has just agreed that the debate will be TWO HOURS.  Fantastic news for all, especially the millions of people who will be watching!

You can only make that kind of Command when you’re in Demand.  The Presidential front-runner has proven that he is a force that is unstoppable and his ultimate goal is to win.  This is why his presence and his strong negotiating skills is what we need in the white house.  A Winner and a Leader! 


Diamond and Silk