Presidential Frontrunner Donald Trump is a true Shot Caller

Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is not backing down from any entity when it comes to the American people.   Apparently CNBC wanted to change the rules in the middle of the game and Donald Trump didn’t have a problem calling them out.

 It appeared that CNBC wanted to change to make the two hour debate a three hour debate just to sell more advertising spots.  Donald Trump says this is not fair to the viewers who would be bored, it’s too much!

Donald Trump campaign initially agreed to a two hour debate but because of greed, CNBC insists on adding an extra hour.  The presidential Frontrunner threatened to boycott the debate if the rules were not changed back to what was originally agreed upon.

 Well, it looks like CNBC caved in and Donald Trump got exactly what he wanted, a two hour debate.  He tweeted out: @CNBC has just agreed that the debate will be TWO HOURS.  Fantastic news for all, especially the millions of people who will be watching!

You can only make that kind of Command when you’re in Demand.  The Presidential front-runner has proven that he is a force that is unstoppable and his ultimate goal is to win.  This is why his presence and his strong negotiating skills is what we need in the white house.  A Winner and a Leader! 


Diamond and Silk

Donald Trump unveils his tax plan and it includes all Americans

Donald Trump Tax Reform Plan

Donald Trump is the man with the master plan and he is the only one that seems to have a clear vision for this country.  Some intellectuals and media pundits have cherry pick his tax reform plan with a fine tooth comb just to find something to talk about.   Little do they know that we the American people do understand that if a man like Donald Trump can build a 10 billion dollar empire from the ground up, then he can build a great economy.    Donald Trump tax reform plan has been released and without a doubt, it’s a plan that works for all Americans and although his plan has come under scrutiny by the media, his plan is laid out so well that the average American can understand it.  Donald Trump wants tax relief for all middle class Americans and he wants to simplify the tax code.   Americans making less than 25,000 won’t have to pay federal tax and he wants to grow the economy.  With this tax plan everyone wins.



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African American businesses wont get left behind under a Trump Administration

At the spur of the moment without notice Donald Trump was asked to stop by and speak to minority business owners which he did not hesitate to show up and give his insights and intellect to the large cheering crowd.  Donald Trump spoke about how African American Entrepreneurship is very important.  Donald Trump says he also wants good negotiators like the head of the African American chamber of commerce because in this country we need good negotiators negotiating our deals.  Donald Trump is a Businessman and a Self-made Billionaire that wants all Americans to thrive again in this country.  He is self-funding his own campaign and he says: “when I win, this country will be strong and rich again.”  The purpose of the South Carolina African American Chamber of commerce is to be an advocate for prosperity, progress and the permeation of success.  Later on that evening Donald Trump attended a town hall in Columbia, South Carolina, where he drew a massive large crowd of Trump Supporters moderated and hosted by Senator Tim Scott.


Diamond and Silk

Illegal Immigrants say they have rights too!

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The United States have always kept it house doors open to the world and for years, failed policies and no regards for the law have allowed people to enter our country without consequences. Most Americans thought this was part of the norm for illegal immigrants to be in our country because the traditional politicians told us they were considered undocumented workers and they were doing jobs that the American people would not do. Our politicians coerced Americans into believing that undocumented workers would work in our fields picking fruit, but wow, look at how years later, things have completely changed, Undocumented workers are really illegal immigrants that drive down wages in this country and take jobs that the American people can do. This quote about them “doing jobs that Americans won’t do” is just a justification for some companies to hire illegal immigrants. The American people have allowed the traditional politicians to get away with not securing our nation boarder and the situation had gotten out of hand. I am a believer like this; if you don’t fix the problem, then the problem gets bigger.

Now that the problem has gotten bigger, illegal immigrants no longer feel that they are breaking the law; they now feel like they have the same right to be in this country just like the immigrants that did the right thing to become a citizen of this country. They march as if that are entitled to all of Americas offerings, demanding that America treat them as equal to Americans without realizing they are not Americans, they are immigrants that entered our country illegally which make them an illegal immigrant that has now committed a criminal act. They march and throw around derogatory words and then in the same sentence they say they come over here for a better life and demand that America give them that life, but refuse to march in their own country demanding that their president put policies in place so that they can have a better life in their own country.

Our incompetent politicians have allowed illegal immigrants to come into America’s house and tell Americans where to sit, they have taken advantage of our system and all of the loopholes then when illegal immigrants are done, using America, they send their money back to the same place and same system that they left to come here for. This is what the American people, the Silent Majority is tired of, this is why we, the American people don’t need another traditional politician, we need someone that is going to tell the American people the truth about a system that is completely flawed, a system that has been mismanaged for decades, a system that locks its own people up for breaking and entering but give illegal immigrants a pat on the head for breaking across our borders and entering illegally. We need someone to fix the problem and not just talk about the problem. If we are a nation that is governed by laws, then we don’t get to pick and choose which law to follow, we should follow all laws. We say that we are the home of the free, but the free is costing the American people, we say that we are the home of the brave, then why do others get bent out of shape when a man name Donald J Trump is brave enough to stand up and tells the truth about our flawed system. If we are a nation that allows immigrants to come into our country, then we should demand that they come in the right way by getting in line and waiting their turn just like all of the other great immigrants in this country.

Diamond and Silk

Reflection on 911: We Dare not to Forget

The sovereignty that represents our nation was ripped the day of September 11, 2001 and although fourteen years later people have tried to heal, the scar still remains as a reminder of the unforeseen destruction, tragedy and loss.    We the United States had no idea that because of our compassion for humanity and due to our sometimes gullible nature, we trained on our soil the very people known as the terrorist to fly planes that would lead to the obliteration of our twin towers, the ruination of the Pentagon and crash a plane in Shanksville Pennsylvania were so many lives was taken and the heart of our country was forever changed.   


Though it was difficult to understand the inconceivable and despicable acts that was bestowed upon our country done by Terrorist that hate Americans and wanted to destroy the things that symbolize America, we as American people united, we became one and we stood by each other through the brunt and the stench of all of the horrific scenes and images that played out on national television day in and day out.   Some kind of way we as a nation understood that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes early in the morning and that gave us the hope we needed through our time of despair.


So fourteen years later, I ask, are we leading by example or are we being misled into going down the same pathway again.  The vulnerability of our country is like putting money on the kitchen table and leaving the kitchen window open so that whoever looks in and can see the money, it’s theirs for the taking.  The United States still allow people in this country that mean us no good and with the crisis going on in places like Syria and Iraq, the United states always feel the need to protect others instead of protecting its own.  The United States wants to take in refugees from other countries to escape from their own terror without realizing that if some of these same people are not properly vetted, new terrorist may slip in and start to terrorize Americans in this country.


Oh, how we should never forget that there were 2,996 Americans died that day, people like regular Americans doing what they normally would be doing, going to work to do their jobs, our police officers and firefighters risking their lives to save the lives of Americans in the twin towers, at the pentagon and in Pennsylvania.    The lives that were stolen from us are lives that we will never get back, so we take this time to pause and reflect on how these stolen lives still touches the nation, the world and these lives will forever remain in our hearts.  In unity we unite in the division, we divide…… Today, let’s unite and give honor and respect to the lives of those that was taken from us too soon.


Diamond and Silk

Police Officers Lives Matter Too



This Open season of cop killings has set a tone in our country that has bolstered up anxiety and concern for the American people.  Have the United States turned into a third world country where there is no regards and respect for our first responder particularly our Police Officers.    The Majority of Americans don’t agree with the racist tone that has been set by individuals that have no regards to their lives or for the lives of others.

America is thought of as one of the greatest countries on earth, yet Americans are deeply divided and have been thrown into a conversation about race that is filled with presentiment and uneasiness.  The atmosphere and tonality have been set so high that people now feel that it is ok to have no reverence for our police Officers and no respect that they are the one that carries the badge.  It amazes me how People are being rewarded for exhibiting bad behavior while creating a bigger problem in our country thus putting this country at the brink of a collapse system and a breakdown in communication. 

Our police officers of all colors are our first line of defense, especially if you don’t own a gun to protect yourself.   We must understand that police officers are here to protect, serve, enforce the laws and create order.  The enemy is not the police or the police department, the enemy that we the American people have allowed to creep into our country is this vile and vicious force that takes precedent to keep us divided instead of uniting us.   

Do we have a justice system that needs to be changed?  Absolutely, with every organization and department there is always going to be bad apples in the bunch; however the mindsets of individuals that have another agenda other than uniting our country need to be changed to.   The way individuals look at our law enforcement and deemed them anything other than good people, that puts their life in danger  just to protect the lives of individuals that calls them names, spew rhetoric and in spite of it all, those same individuals, if they need help, a police officer is right there to protect and serve.

It’s time to come to the intelligent table and let's have a clear conversation about how do we create solutions to the problems instead of conjuring up an argument to fight the problem.  All police officers shouldn’t be painted with one broad brush and although we look at the police department as a whole we should look at Police officers as individuals who are doing the right thing because at the end of the day, they want to go home to their families too.  


Diamond and Silk